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[サポート演奏]2019/12/10 Bitch Please/Yas! Queen!

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[サポート演奏]2019/11/02 Rugby World Cup Japan@Yokohama

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[主催イベント]2019/11/04 coLorBlok Live(STUDIO ALWAYS PRESENTS For Thanksgiving Day)

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[サポート演奏]2019/9/22 山口岩男30周年コンサート in Billboard Live OSAKA

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[サポート演奏]2019/9/6 JaelGadsden Presents Summer Send-Off Concert 2019 @BERONICA

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[サポート演奏]2019/8/21(wed)Medal Of Freedom vol.3@梅田ALWAYS

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2019/8/9 (fri)Summer Live!!@神戸ALWAYS

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